Louise Astbury has been documenting life in the form of a reflective diary.
"This project is about my life at present and my feelings about coming from a frequently turbulent
relationship; my frustrations, thoughts, soul searching and the reality of being thrust into single parenthood.
With continuing troubles, there is the need, I have realised, for setting boundaries for the care of my own sense of ‘self’ and for that of my girls, to keep hold of and gain back the ‘truth’ and ultimately, keep our family’s life moving in a positive direction."

Welcome to the Illume blog.  We will be regularly be posting updates as we prepare for our end of course exhibition at "The Cube" Gallery in Manchester.  Follow our highs and lows here.  Sneak peeks of photographers work coming soon.
Most of the students are busy shooting this week.  Many are experimenting with different media; large format field cameras, medium format, and "retro" 110 film.  Some interesting ideas are under development - which makes us keen to see those test prints next week!
See our exhibition venue.