Sharon Baddeley has been travelling widely along the north Wales, and north west England coastlines in her pursuit of great photographs.
"For my final project I’m looking at the issue of coastal erosion with a particular focus on the steps taken to preserve the coastline. I’ve come across a variety of structures already on my early trips to the North Wales and North West England coastline including sea walls, groynes and dunes planted with recycled Christmas trees. I’m looking forward to reasearching more about coastal erosion and visiting other areas of the coast for my next shoots."

More of Sharon's work can be seen at her blog.
Local photographer Mark King has been documenting the scenes of unsolved murders in Cheshire in his series, "Unsolved".  An ongoing project, he has been extensively researching the background of these crimes before journeying to the scenes to photograph them in a sympathetic manner.  The results are are compelling, thought provoking, and sometimes a little eerie...
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